About Us

After serving thousands of clients worldwide, Sebastian Pearson and Dwayne Paschke decided to give a boost to their own startup. Both the founders are expert in SEO, Medicine industry and Student Help – major reason behind expertise is working with thousands of blogs internationally.

Sebastian Pearson is specialized in content marketing, he has 6 years of experience working with other blogging websites and businesses. Therefore, our business already has a streamline and roadmap of working with others in the market. We have no competitors, and dedicated to provide solutions to specifically medical students.

On the other hand, Dwayne Paschke specializes in writing, management, development, design and Search Engine Optimization. Although he has worked for 7 years in the industry, he never found an ideal person to work with as a partner. Later, he found Sebastian Pearson, and they both found specific understanding between them. Both of them divided their tasks in this project and are running this venture successfully.

Thanks to the Students and Contributors in making our venture successful and thrive globally.

We have grown our website to the extend where more and more medical students are finding solutions to their problem. MedScholarsHub also invite students to share their thoughts with us, their problems and experiences. Our teams listen to them and find the solutions, publish an article with a solution and share the link of the article to the students who frequently face such a problem.